How To Research Cryptocurrencies? A Step-by-Step Guide

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Part 1 — Start With the Basics

Part 2 — Look Up Information on the Project Website and Read the Whitepaper

1. Does the project’s website look legit?

Click me.

2. Search for a general introduction of the project and its branch of industry.

3. What does the coin or project do and what problem does it aim to solve?

4. What is the actual use of the cryptocurrency or token issued by the people behind the project?

5. Do more research about the cryptocurrency or token behind a project.

6. What is the consensus algorithm of the chain a crypto project uses?

7. Find out whatever you can about the team behind a coin.

8. What does the project’s road map say?

9. Who are the strategic partners?

Part 3 — Adding Other Sources Into Your Crypto Research

10. Research a cryptocurrency’s competitors.

11. Search for more information in external sources.

12. Social media are a very rich source for finding information about a crypto project.

13. Check out Github.

Part 4 — Researching Ways to Buy a Cryptocurrency or Token

14. Find out how and where to buy a project’s token or cryptocurrency.

15. How high is the market cap?

16. Is the currency supported by hardware wallets such as Ledger or Trezor?

Part 5 — Wrapping Things Up

Final Words




Garbage man turned millionaire 🗑️➡️💰 Teaching you how to research & invest in crypto 🔬🔑📈 Follow me on Twitter: @ren_heinrich

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Ren & Heinrich

Ren & Heinrich

Garbage man turned millionaire 🗑️➡️💰 Teaching you how to research & invest in crypto 🔬🔑📈 Follow me on Twitter: @ren_heinrich

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