Comparison of the Most Crypto-Friendly Countries

Ren & Heinrich
4 min readSep 22, 2023

Which Country is the Best for Crypto Enthusiasts to Move to? An Analysis

Do you think that inflation and taxation on Crypto are too high in your country and that you want to move somewhere else? In this analysis, I compare 8 of the most crypto-friendly countries in terms of quality of life, security, and other factors to determine the best places to live for crypto owners.

The following countries are the subject of my analysis: El Salvador, Estonia, Germany, Malta, Portugal, Singapore, Slovenia, and Switzerland. These are countries that are particularly often referred to as crypto-friendly destinations — although there are many other countries that also come into question. This analysis is therefore limited in scope.

Now let’s look at how each of these 8 countries performs in different categories.

Crypto Tax and Friendliness

Crypto Taxes

A summary of the taxes associated with owning and selling cryptocurrencies.

El Salvador: Bitcoin is used as a legal tender. No capital gain tax for companies and retail investors. The new Innovation and Technology Manufacturing Incentive Act introduced this year could benefit many companies.



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